Qualification Standards and Guidelines for residents selection.

A Non-Refundable fee of $50.00 is required with each application, in the form of a money order only, and a copy of picture identification upon signing of the lease. First month’s rent security must be paid no Later than move-in date in separate cashier’s check or money order and must have confirmation of number from utility companies at lease signing. Over all Qualification is based on a combination of information provided to us by you on your application and given to us by your references. By signing an application with us, you are giving us permission to check the following:

  1. Former residence, and former and present landlords
  2. Credit history provided by Renters Screening
  3. Former and present employment, and any other income
  4. Police records
  5. Personal references you list
  6. All other information on the application

Failure to meet any of these requirements or giving false information will result in your application being denied. All Adults (18 or over) who will reside in the unit, must complete a separate application.

Credit: Applicants must have an acceptable rating on their credit report. Allowances may be made for such things as medical expenses.

Rental History: Applicants must have verifiable history, otherwise this will be considered reasons to reject your application. Parents of family references may not be accepted for rental history. A history of evictions will not be approved.

Income: Stable employment is required or a steady verifiable income source adequate to pay the rent is necessary. Allowances from family, scholarships, and/or inconsistent income such as alimony, commission, or tips may require written verification. Applications with insufficient or unstable income will not be approved.

  • Co-signers and/or a higher deposit may be required if rental history or adequate income cannot be verified.
  • Co-signer must complete separate application and meet the above qualification standards. Emphasis for qualifying will be on good credit and adequate income for both their own bills and the proposed rent.
  • Qualifying Criteria may vary somewhat depending upon the type of property of type of assistance program of the applicant.

Before you get your money order please read…

  • The non-refundable application fee of $50.00 needs to be in the form of a separate money order made out to RL Stewart Property Management. We cannot accept money orders with application fees and rent of deposit funds combined. They must be separate.
  • First month’s rent in the format of a money order or cashier’s check must be paid no later than move-in date. Utility company confirmation numbers must be provided prior to move in.
  • Please print your name on all money orders.

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