Property Owner

We offer a wide range of property management services tailored to fit your needs as a property owner.

We will professionally manage your properties, and provide 24 hour maintenance, freeing up your valuable time. We will utilize our extensive real estate knowledge to market and place a tenant as soon as possible.

As your property manager we will be responsible for providing top quality tenant care as will as maintaining and keeping your property profitably occupied.  We will also provide you with detailed reporting, prompt payment, and we will field all calls for you.

We will provide you a monthly report of rent and other income received, and maintenance, repairs, and other expenses incurred. This will be provided once per month. If you have questions regarding your statement, please do not hesitate to contact us.

List of Benefits to Owners

  • Property Inspections
  • Rigorous Screening
  • Extensive Locale Experience
  • Easy to Contact
  • Detailed reporting
  • Monthly Reports
  • Year End Reports
  • 24 hr Emergency Maintenance for the Tenant: 30 min call back
  • Maintenance Preformed by Property Management contractors
  • Normal Maintenance for the Tenant: 24 hr response time
  • Maintenance Preformed by Property Management contractors or your trusted personal contractor
  • Able to contact via email, texting, phone
  • Prompt Payment of funds
  • One to two year Leases


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